Sunday, July 25, 2010

Katie's Birthday Party

Katie had a small, but fun "playdate" birthday party. When asked who she wanted at her party she replied: "Well, the neighbors, of course, and Grace and Danny and Paige." So, that's who we invited. Only two of the four families could make it. The kids played for about an hour, then we had pizza, cake, and then presents. It was low-key, especially in comparison to her 4th birthday party. The pizza was good, the cake was awesome (an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen), and the kids had fun playing together. It was a wonderful, stress-free party on our part--there was no cleaning, decorating, clean-up, games, crafts, etc. So, boring, right? You wouldn't have thought the kids were bored at all. And, I hope the adults didn't mind just hanging out and chit-chatting.

Enjoying the ice cream cake
Walter enjoying the party
Getting ready for presents

Rowe anxiously awaiting present time
Excited for her American Girl gifts
She also got a cute Little Mermaid shirt, a Cinderella doll, and a Phineas and Candace figures, as well as some money. Peter can't wait to take her to Toys R she needs anything!!!

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Nichole said...

The party was really sweet Amy!