Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Fourth of July Celebrations

While the 4th may not have been as amazing and fun as it usually is, I think we had a wonderfully good day! I spent most of the day hidden in our bedroom, working my butt off on homework, but definitely took great breaks to spend some fun with the family. Here are pictures with captions of our day.

After lunch, the girls enjoyed deliciously frosted, sugar cookies. Mmmmm! Delaney, Rowena, and Kate sporting some 4th of July attire.

After spending a couple hours in our baby/doggie pool and slip-n-slide, Peter snuck out to pick up some fun things...animal-shaped water guns, smokers, sparklers, worms, and snaps. Here are Katie and Rowena checking out the stash.

We also enjoyed some dancing on the deck.

Time for WORMS (and grapeheads)

Mmmmmm...dinner! Patriotic fruit salad, mini-burgers, and baked beans

Spent sometime playing Wii.

Then it was time for some ice cream, so onto Sunny Delites! Look...Kate's riding without training wheels! So proud!
Mmm...Blue raspberry slushie.
Mmm...Blue raspberry dipped cone.
Mmm...Lemon Italian ice.

Messy goodness
Tired Rowena
Delaney swore she could carry Katie.
Oooh, the neighbors! We caught them between events, so we did some sparklers with them.
And they loved watching the worms.
Photo by: Delaney
Photo by: Katie
Rowe didn't make it for fireworks. Our sleepy head.
Girls killed some time before drawing American flags.
After some flag drawing, the girls and Peter headed over to the neighborhood party. First they enjoyed some time in the big bounce house. By the time I headed over, everyone was well into sparkler fun.
Delaney scored a GIANT sparkler from Tim.
Time for the show!
I stayed for about 20 minutes, then back for homework. The girls were out until 10:30 or so. Kate came home first and almost passed out while I changed her for bed. Twenty minutes or so later, Peter returned with Delaney...who was also very ready for bed. So, despite spending most of my favorite day doing family still had a wonderful holiday!

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Danuszka said...

Rowe is so cute! She is like a blonde Pebbles Flintstone! :)

Marcia said...

It sure looks like it was a great day! The end is in sight Amy! Hang in there! Oh- and no other questions....