Thursday, July 22, 2010

Katie is FIVE!

Our Katie is five today. Can you believe it? Neither can we! In just a little over a month, Katie will be getting on the yellow bus and venture off to Kindergarten. Whoa. Not sure if I'm ready for her to be gone 5 days a week (let's not even mention Delaney needing lunches and gone from 8:30am-4pm daily). Katie is quite the character, here is a little about her at five years old:
  • Loves cartoons
  • Plays video games, but gets bored easily
  • Loves movies (and I'm not just talking kid movies...the girl sat through Jaws with her Daddy just a month ago)
  • Has a slight lisp with her two missing teeth
  • Keeps us laughing; she has a great sense of humor
  • Throws some tantrums, screaming, yelling, and crying at us
  • Likes to tell Mom and Dad what to do
  • Is very laid back and easy going with others...she is usually the only one not getting into arguments or fights (with friends, I'm excluding Delaney in this)
  • Loves anything Princesses, especially Disney and Peach (from Mario/Nintendo)
  • Makes goofy and weird voices
  • Plays pretend like no other!
  • Pretend cries so her Uncle Joe can get her on TV
  • Loves corn-on-the-cob, cereal, toaster strudel
  • Likes to cuddle and be carried
  • Is UBER petite
  • Likes to play with Rowena, but often doesn't give her any personal space
  • Still needs a booster at the table (so she won't sit on her knees)
  • Is becoming more comfortable in the water (after last summer's scare, she had been quite hesitant)
  • Likes to draw
  • Loves to wear dresses or skirts

To celebrate Katie's birthday today we went to the zoo as a family and having strawberry cake with strawberry frosting tonight with songs and presents. Sunday we will be celebrating with a small, but fun party. Katie asked for very specific people, but now is upset that she's not having the same people as last year (her princess party).

Happy Birthday to our dear Katherine Hayes! We love you so very, very much! My personal favorite thing is that you just do what you like, not caring if others approve or like it. You just go with the flow, and are so laid back...that is something I have never been able to do, and it is such an admiral quality. We hope you have a wonderful birthday, surrounded by those that love and care about you, even those far away who have sent their wishes and love through cards, calls, and gifts.

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BottledBeauty said...

Happy Birthday to your sweetie! Hope she loves kindergarten. I'm also nervous about missing my daughter when that time comes. ps. my maiden name is Henderson!

Patty said...

Happy Birthday Miss you - GAP